U.S. Medical Insurance with huge Savings for Corporations & their Workers: via the Latin America Preferred Health Plan (LAPHP) offering a U.S. medical & hospital Network combined with a Medical Travel Option to Guatemala.

-Self-funded Corporations save 60% to 70% in Medical Benefits and Premiums

-No more Co-pays nor deductibles for Employees nor their Dependents

-Zero out of pocket costs for Employees traveling for private medical care to Guatemala

-Customized Medical Benefit Plan for profit & non-profit Corporations

In Guatemala we have access to a new U.S. Employer-sponsored Medical Insurance, the LAPHP or Latin America Preferred Health Plan which guarantees workers complete medical coverage via a U.S. provider network and at the same time waives employees’ deductibles and co-pays, if they choose to travel to Guatemala for high cost surgical procedures/treatments with select private medical providers.

Benefits of the LAPHP for the Employee and his Dependents:

* Free Travel to Guatemala with Travel Companion: All expenses (medical & travel related) covered 100% for both the Employee/patient and the Travel Companion

* Waiving of the Employee´s Co-pays and Deductibles

* Access to Health Benefits not available via conventional Insurance Policies (e.g.: Weight loss surgery, stem cell treatments, IVF Treatments, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Spinal cord stimulation, etc… )

* Humane personalized Medicine and Quality medical Care offered by Elite MD Specialists in Guatemala´s private Hospital Network and Clinics of Excellence

Benefits of the LAPHP for the Corporation (profit & non-profit):

* Reduced premium Rates with Re-insurance Carriers

* Less Taxes

* Sustainable Cash Savings every Year

* Medical Benefit Plans can continually be customized to take into account the Employees’ medical Needs and Preferences

* High Degree of Satisfaction amongst Employees

P.S.: This Innovative U.S. backed Medical Insurance Benefit Plan is in full compliance with U.S. Federal Legislation: A.C.A., ERISA & HIPAA´s (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Rules & Regulations