We are a cluster of dedicated professionals and prívate companies of the medical and wellness sector who are formally structured under the leadership of the Guatemalan Association of Exporters (Agexport), a private non-profit organization.

Our mission is to improve the country´s economic and social wellbeing by promoting Guatemala as Medical Travel Destination.

Our members who all adhere to an ethics code, are working together on a voluntary base towards our common goal, each of us providing complementary skills contributing to the overall benefit of Guatemala´s medical and tourist sectors.

Our Services

We provide guidance for medical travelers, as well as for travel agencies, insurance companies or medical centers interested in sending their patients or clients over to Guatemala but who are unfamiliar with Guatemala´s tourism sector and private medical network. Via our “Request for information” we also provide referrals to travelers who are looking to combine quality medical and wellness treatments with cultural and tourist activities.

Our goal

Our members are working together to promote Guatemala as a global Medical and Wellness Destination, within the framework of sustainable growth. We firmly believe medical tourism creates an ideal win-win situation, both for overseas patients and providers of Guatemala´s private medical sector, with overlapping benefits for Guatemalans themselves. Indeed the growth of our sector allows for enhanced training and employment opportunities, as well as added revenues for many working families active in the tourist and related medical sectors, which in turn are having trickle down effects on people´s overall wellbeing.


The Guatemalan Association of Exporters is Guatemala´s most trusted non-profit organization for the promotion of export of goods and services, with a 30-year successful track record, representing over 1,000 members (= companies). It´s dedicated staff (over 400 employees) helps it´s associated members in market Research, brand positioning, marketing and training. On behalf of its members it also negotiates support from the Ministries of Economy, Foreign Affairs, Guatemala´s Tourist Board (Inguat), and international organizations, like the IABD/BID, the European Union, and other international Cooperation Agencies.