Dr. Georgina Fonseca
Dental Clinics

Direction: Carretera Interamericana, Km. 29.9 Centro Comercial San Lucas, 2do nivel, San Lucas Sacatepéquez.

Phone: 7830-1573

Mail: info@centrodentalsanlucas.com


The San Lucas Dental Center is located at just 10 minutes away from Antigua Guatemala and is available for tourists and travelers visiting Guatemala who are in need or wish to get professional dental services.

Our State of the start dental facility allows us to provide the most excellent care and complete service for our patients.

The San Lucas Dental Center has just recently been accredited By ACREDITAS GLOBAL, certifying that our clinic meets the highest and most rigorous international standards in patient care.


  1. General Dentistry and Odontology: Our location offers patients every type of dental procedure to meet their needs.
  2. Pediatric Dentistry: We provide specialized pediatric treatment to toddlers, children and teenagers.
  3. Orthodonthics: Teeth straightening treatment due to bad positioning and or “bad bites,” or malocclusion (teeth that are crowded or crooked).
  4. Endodontics: Root canal procedures for damaged pulp tissue.
  5. Dentures and implants: Restoration and replacement of lost dental pieces or teeth.
  6. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery: Surgical removal and treatment of damaged and injured teeth, hard and soft tissue and related areas.
  7. Periodontics: Gingivitis treatment (gum disease) and Severe Periodontitis (inflammatory disease affecting the tissues that surround and support the teeth), as well as tissue regeneration surgery.

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