The Hospital has more than 300 accredited Medical Specialists in major specialties and sub-specialties medical as well as allied to medicine specialties.

Direction: 6ª. Avenue 6-81 zone 10

Phone: (502)2384 5959

Mail: /


The hospital has high-tech equipment, modern and functional facilities, medical staff, nurses and technicians to ensure safe, high quality patient-focused treatments.

The Hospital Herrera Llerandi has strategic alliances with major hospital centers and renowned universities in the United States and in other Latin American countries. It has been selected as the reference hospital in the treatment of members of various diplomatic missions accredited in Guatemala and to meet heads of state as well as employees and executives recognized institutions and national and international missions.

The Hospital has direct payment agreements with major international insurance and offers assistance to patients who come from other countries to make your visit to Guatemala the most pleasant experience.


The Herrera Llerandi Hospital provides comprehensive medical hospital and high quality in the fields of Surgery, Medicine, Pediatrics, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Intensive Care Unit, Emergency Imaging Research Center, Clinical Laboratory, Blood Bank Services, Laboratory Hemodynamic and Electrophysiology and Medical checkups.

Information on medical staff by specialty can be obtained through the website.


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